Ode to Sammic

Basque Stage

As you all know I’m currently living in Spain’s beautiful Basque Country as part of the Basque Stage program, in which the winner (that’s me :-)) gets the opportunity to stage at three Michelin star Martin Berasategui and experience Spain’s obsessive food culture. But what you may not know is who really made this all possible: Sammic!


Sammic is a Spanish company that specializes in food service equipment. They provide quality products to Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, UK and USA. Their line of products include hand blenders, salamanders, vegetable cutters, food processors, vacuum packers, ware washers, blast chillers, sous-vide machines and much more!


In my first week in Basque Country, we visited the Sammic factory in the picturesque town of Azkoitia. We saw the production process from conception and design, to manufacturing, to packing and shipping. I was pleasantly surprised at how much of the process is dependent on real people, not robots. Just about all of it actually.


As part of our commitment as Sammic scholars, and really the least we can do, we will be filming several short videos demonstrating some of Sammic’s products. Here’s the first, starring yours truly.




5 thoughts on “Ode to Sammic

  1. Wow, look at you, the cooking rock star.

    If I were younger and about your age, I would love to have the opportunity you have, working in a three star restaurant in Spain. I love that area, love the cuisine, and actually hope to open a small tapas restaurant when I retire in a few years to the Philippines with my wife.

    Good job!

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