Fine Dining: It’s all in the details


What draws people to Restaurant Martin Berasategui, and other Michelin Star restaurants alike, is the high-caliber and quality of food and careful execution of each dish. But to complete the dining experience and ensure that the costumer leaves 100% satisfied, every single detail counts. From service, to the timing of each dish, to the crispness of the linens, down to the sparkle of every wine glass.


Thanks to the Sammic ware washers at Martin Berasategui, every piece of tableware in the dining room shines. There is nothing worse than getting a piece of dirty tableware, especially when expectations are so high. Martin does not take that chance. Using the Sammic ware washers, even the most delicate pieces are thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and in perfect condition. Using a conventional dishwasher runs the risk of breaking, chipping and damaging expensive pieces, especially when it comes to fragile stemware.


Sammic offers ware washers of all sizes for whatever capacity and specific to fragile items such as glassware and tableware, or for heavy-duty cleaning of pots and pans. They even offer a dryer and polisher for silverware. These ware washers are a must for any fine dining establishment.


A sparkling glass puts the final touches on an already beautifully set table.



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