The Acorn-fed Pigs of Ezkurtxerri

After three and a half exhausting months staging at restaurant Martin Berasategui I moved on to the second part of the Basque Stage, Sammic program. I would be spending my last two and half months in Basque Country working with several different artisans and small … Continue reading

Basque Stage Candidate Post – Autumn Braised Pork Cheek

I love Autumn. Maybe it’s because I’m an October baby. Or maybe its the bright red, orange, and yellow colors of the changing leaves, falling to the ground and floating in the wind. Or the smell of apples and pumpkin … Continue reading

Peace, Love, and Prosperity Dumpling

I admit that Chinatown can be a bit overwhelming. It’s absolute mayhem. There are too many people, thousands of shops and restaurants, almost everything is written in Chinese, and no I don’t want a damn Gucci bag! But in the … Continue reading

Battle Pork Bun

It all started on a warm, rainy afternoon in Chinatown. I had been seriously craving baked pork buns the last few days and decided I’d head downtown after work to get some. If your not familiar with Chinese pork buns … Continue reading