I’m Susy Santos. I cook and eat for a living. Born and raised in Newark, NJ. I was classically trained at the French Culinary Institute (now the International Culinary Center) and have worked in NYC for the last three years, along with galavanting through Spain’s beautiful Basque Country working with restaurants and artisans.

My passion for food began as a child, watching my mother in the kitchen and spending summers in the Portuguese countryside. Now my passion has grown beyond cooking and eating, to making smarter food choices and being an advocate for sustainable food. That means knowing where my food comes from, buying local, using ingredients with as little processing as possible, and spreading the word about the benefits of all the above to our health and the future of our planet. From a culinary stand point these high quality, pure, and natural ingredients produce the most delicious (and certainly nutritious) results. I strive to take those ingredients to their fullest potential, but also to let them speak for themselves. Sustainability aside, it’s just about DAMN GOOD FOOD.

I have an insatiable appetite for learning. I hope to travel more and experience food and culture from around the world. There is something about sharing ideas, recipes, culinary experiences, and cooking and eating together that is so fulfilling to me.

Join me in my adventures in cooking, photography, and more. Hopefully I can inspire you to make and EAT REAL FOOD. I encourage your thoughts, comments, and advice!

Feel free to contact me by email at susysantos1@gmail.com

All images and content are copyright of Susy Santos and cannot be used without permission. If you would like to feature some of my images for online or print media please contact me.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. I think I could spend all day looking at your beautiful pictures and food – congratulations on your Basque Stage scholarship, what an amazing achievement. I so look forward to reading all about your next 6 months in San Sebastian 🙂

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